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We provide quality engineering CAD services to our clients from start to finish! Established in 2005 and incorporated in 2006, ZGL Engineering Services, Inc. provides CAD Services for Infrastructure, Mining/Reclamation and Construction Field Services Support. We provide exceptional civil construction documents to organizations of all sizes.

ZGL's Infrastructure specialty is in the area of subdivision, commercial, site, survey, roadway and utility design. Professional experience in Civil Engineering includes Water & Wastewater, Mining & Reclamation, Environmental, Oil and Gas, Residential & Mixed Use Development, Commercial & Industrial Sites and Water Resources, Airport Runway and Taxiway Design, Grading and Drainage, Roadway Design, Water Treatment & Distribution, Wastewater Collection & Treatment Utility Layout Design and Culvert Designs. Our specialty in Mining and Reclamation includes excavation, foundation/grouting, geology, geotechnical instrumentation, and embankment fill construction documents. Construction Field Services Support sector provides stormwater and erosion control services for support during the preconstruction phase, construction phase, and the final stage of each project. Our long term customers particularly value legible plans, accuracy and proficiency of all services rendered

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